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The HI-Q Balun is designed to handle full legal power with a low SWR. The most important factor contributing to a low SWR is correct antenna length. Most effective operation is achieved when the antenna is in the clear - away from guy wires, power and telephone lines, trees, buildings, etc.

Do not disassemble the HI-Q Balun. Once any of the eye hooks are disassembled, the balun can not be reassembled.

Do not use a match box with the balun unless there is a low SWR at the feed point where the balun is installed.

When operating and using the HI-Q Balun, be sure the transmitter is tuned to the correct frequency before power is applied. Operating a transmitter not tuned to the correct frequency may damage the balun.

The HI-Q Balun should be mounted with the coaxial connector (SO239) pointed in a downward position.