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SWR Meters
822 MFJ 1.8-200 MHz 300 Watt Cross Needle
842 MFJ 140-525 MHz 150 Watt Cross Needle
862 MFJ 2M//70cm 300 Watt-Cross Needle
864 MFJ 1.8 MHz- 440 MHz 300 Watt Cross Needle
840 MFJ HT Watt Meter Dum Load BNC
267 MFJ SWR/Dummy Load 1.8-54MHz 300/3000W
CN101 Comet 1.8-150MHz 15/150/1.5KW Cross Needle
CN103M Comet 140-525 MHz 20/200W Cross Needle
CN801 Comet 1.8-200 MHz 20/200/2KW Cross Needle
SX100 Diamond SWR Meter HF 30/300/3KW
SX200 Diamond SWR Meter 1.8-200MHz 5/20/200W
SX20C Diamond SWR HF/6M/2M 30/300W
SX40C Diamond SWR 144-470MHz 30/300W
SWR3P Workman Field Strength SWR Meter
Frequency Counter
886 MFJ Frequency Counter 1 MHz to 3 GHz
SWR Analysers
259B MFJ 1.8-170MHz Antenna Analyser
266B MFJ 1.5-185MHz and 300-490 MHz
266C MFJ 1.5-185MHz and 300-490 MHz
269 MFJ 1.8-450MHz Antenna Analyser
269PRO MFJ 1.8-170/430-520MHz Analyser
1312D MFJ 12V 500ma Wall Supply 259B/269
98 MFJ Accessory Pkg for 269
99 MFJ Accessory Pkg for 259
66 MFJ Dip Coils for MFJ Analysers
731 MFJ RFI Filter for Analysers Tunable
39C MFJ Pouch w/Window for 269
Antenna Switch
1702C MFJ Two Position w/Center Ground
1704 MFJ Four Postion 500 MHz w/Lightning Protection
Delta2B AlphaDelta Two Position w/Lightning Protection
Delta4B AlphaDelta Four Position w/Lightning Protection
CX201 Airlink Two Position w/o Ground Position
Dummy Load
267 MFJ See #267 SWR Meters
260C MFJ Dummy Load 300 Watts
264 MFJ Dummy Load 1.5KW To 650 MHz
250 MFJ Dummy Load 2 KW PEP w/Oil
Low Pass Filter
702B MFJ Low Pass TVI Filter 200 Watt
704 MFJ Low Pass Filter - Legal Limit

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If there is a price change the customer will always be
notified before billing or shipping.

Specials & Announcements
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